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The main aim of establishing an Oncology Department at Super Speciality Hospital was to offer special expertise and high-quality care to cancer patients of all age groups for better recovery. The GS Super Speciality Hospital Oncology Department has brought a scientific revolution with extensive research to provide the best cancer treatment and care with clinically proven solutions.

The Oncology Department at GS Super Speciality Hospital has excellence in clinical management, emergency care, and surgical solutions for cancer treatments. The department is highly equipped with wards, cancer services, ICU, and professional cancer expertise of the oncologists' team which serves as a dedicated platform for cancer-focused therapy. The oncology team at GS Super Speciality Hospital consists of the Best Oncology Surgeons in Delhi NCR. The hospital provides exceptional expertise in early diagnosis, treatment, and holistic care for all cases of cancer with regular OPD twice/weekly.

The Oncology Department at GS Super Speciality Hospital has treated many cancer patients with not only common cancers but also rare cases of cancer which makes it one of the Top Cancer Hospital in Ghaziabad. The department also works towards conducting continued medical education to educate new doctors and medical students under the guidance of Top Oncology Surgeons in Ghaziabad on a real-time basis with ongoing treatments and consultations. This has led to treating cancer patients with a high success rate at GS Super Speciality Hospital.


  • Chemotherapy intervention.
  • Target-based therapy.
  • Immunotherapy.
  • Treatment for breast, throat, lungs, mouth, skin, blood cancer and other types of cancer.

Our Qualified Doctors

Here at the GS Super Specialty Hospital, 300+ experienced, certified doctors provide you best health consultation with advanced treatment for the best cancer care.

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