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Gastroenterology Department

The Gastroenterology department at GS Superspecialty Hospital constitutes a team of professional gastroenterologists and gastro surgeons, certified and dedicated staff with expertise in treating digestive disorders for better gut health. The hospital offers excellent care and dedicated health services to all patients across the globe with comprehensive medical and surgical treatments.

The Gastroenterology Department of GS Hospital, Delhi NCR has a well-equipped OPD department for its patients with state-of-the-art infrastructure and ambiance for excellence in care. Apart from the above, the gastroenterology department also provides advanced diagnostic solutions, and modern operation theaters, with an ICU for managing critical GI cases to provide the best gastroenterology treatment with excellent success rates.

The highly skilled gastroenterologist and gastro surgeons at GS Hospital, Ghaziabad, provide exceptional treatment solutions for important medical disorders which includes:

● Intestinal problems

● Stomach issues

● Liver disorders

● Gall bladder disorders

● Pancreas disorders

● Biliary tract problems

● Diverticular disease

The team of gastroenterologists and gastro surgeons at GS Hospital, Hapur includes the best doctors who have provided comprehensive solutions for different diseases ranging from acidity to GI cancers. The doctors at this hospital have expertise in treating difficult rare conditions related to gastrointestinal disorders. Moreover, the entire gastroenterology department has facilitated and executed emergency care with excellence in severe abdominal injuries with a high success rate.

Here is the list of gastroenterology diseases treated at GS Hospital successfully :

● Acid Peptic Disease (APD)

● Irritable bowel syndrome (IBS)

● Gastro-oesophageal reflux (GERD)

● Peptic and gastric ulcers

● Hepatitis and other liver issues

● Celiac disease

● GI bleeding disorders

● Pancreatitis

● Intestinal poly

● Gallbladder stones

● Functional bowel disorders

● Gall bladder cancers

● Hemorrhoids

● Biliary atresia

● Byler’s disease

● Gastroparesis

The Gastroenterology Department at GS Super Speciality Hospital has treated many GI patients with not only common gastro issues but also rare cases of cancer making it the top hospital in Ghaziabad. The department also works towards conducting continued medical education to educate new doctors and medical students under the guidance of Top Gastroenterologist Surgeonson on a real-time basis with ongoing treatments and consultations. This has led to treating gastro-intestinal patients with an excellent success rate at GS Super Speciality Hospital.

The Gastroenterology Department of GS Hospital takes pride in offering dedicated and holistic GI care to all its patients at its best with a team of professional, highly qualified doctors and other supporting staff members.


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