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Dermatology Department

Dermatology, a branch of skin medicine and surgical procedures, has towered its demand in the past few decades. With such growing statics, the department of Dermatology at GS Super Speciality Hospital services 200 to 300 outpatients daily and our Top Dermatologists in Ghaziabad manage over 30 inpatients.

With expert counselling of best dermatologists in Delhi Ncr, the department actively runs antileprosy programs. Patients with troubled skin conditions or disorders get assured results with medical skin care surgical and non-surgical procedures. A broad spectrum of successful paediatric, medical, or surgical services and thorough testing and investigation fulfilled this aesthetic contrast.

The work excellence of our Top Dermatologists in UP with a multi-disciplinary approach has managed and diagnosed many related conditions like acne, corns, calluses, pigmentation, scars, vitiligo, hair thinning or hair loss, moles, unwanted hair, skin tags, warts, nail, wrinkling, and aging skin.

Besides this, the department of Dermatology has made GS Super Speciality Hospital the best skin specialist hospital in Delhi Ncr. It also platforms training programs that make it stand as one of the most successful Dermatology departments catering to patients with aesthetic consciousness around the state.


  • Botox
  • Fractional co2 laser for scars
  • Cryotherapy units
  • Q switched ND YAG Laser
  • Equipment for vitiligo procedure
  • Binocular Microscopes
  • Dermatoscopy
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  • Chemical peels
  • Simple procedures like dark-ground microscopy, nail clipping and scraping, KOH mounting, grams stain, skin scrapings, and Tzanck smear
  • radiofrequency and electrocautery removal
  • Acne surgeries
  • Complete or partial nail avulsion
  • Nail and skin Biopsy
  • Vitiligo surgeries
  • Laser hair removal
  • Whole-body targeted phototherapy
  • Laser tattoo removal
  • Laser Tightening face
  • Carbon peel Toning
  • Cryotherapy

Our Qualified Doctors

Here at GS Hospital, 300+ experienced doctors provide you the best health consultation with the help of latest machines and techniques.

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